U.S.S. Grissom from STAR TREK III

This is Sci-Fi Miniatures vacuum-form U.S.S Grissom from Star Trek III. I enjoyed finishing this kit. Assembling a vacuum-formed styrene model is the next best thing to scratchbuilding. It's a pity the company was put out of business, it would have been a pleasure to collect all of their models. From 2001.

Alien Attacker from INDEPENDENCE DAY

From the Lindburg kit. I experimented with extra texture and iridescent powders to punch up the "alien" qualities of this vessel.

Klingon Bird Of Prey from STAR TREK III

This is AMT/ERTL's Klingon Bird o' Prey from Star Trek III. A requisite model for any display case. Remember, Bowman Arts will build on commission! From 2002.

ęBowman Arts 2006