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Original Art, Sculpture, and Kit Build-ups.

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These two pencil sketches I produced in 1997-98. Both are 18" by 24". I used enlarged tracings of actual skulls as a basis, then filled in the flesh and individual scales. A fairly tedious process, but worth the effort, I think. The Allosaurus took a month to complete...
  ...And the Triceratops nearly twice that long. No, the Triceratops doesn't have two-toned horns, he was just unfinished when the photo was taken. Note the smudge on the upper left corner. A wild cat got into the house and tried to claw it off the drawing board.
A portrait of my life-size Velociraptor mongoliensis. I began this project just after Jurassic Park came out in 1993, as a response to the ridiculous Raptors in that film, and continued working on it until 1999 when I finally got a polyester/glass fiber copy pulled. He's now residing somewhere in Maryland, hopefully being treated well. I still have the molds, but you'd have to throw a lot of money at me to make another one.
A few sketches from the past. Kind of sparce for the moment.
Here's my page for spaceship models. At the Studio, there are at least as many spaceships as there are dinosaurs.
Here's GeometricDesign's Talos from Ray Harryhausen's Jason and the Argonauts. I picked this up for a song at the second Imagination Expo in 2002. I painted him with Modern Options bronze paint and patina. A quick and simple build.
  Games Workshop's Cave Troll from Fellowship of the Ring. I don't usually get into gaming miniatures, but I fell in love with many of the designs from the Lord of the Rings movies, including this one. Finished in acrylics with epoxy groundwork. 2002.
Something a little different. The Nautilus from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. In 3-D no less. 2003.
This is Dan Cope's build up of my Velociraptor. I think he looks pretty good. He published it's construction in a recent Kitbuilders Magazine. Get your copy today!

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